FAQs for Landlords

Frequently Asked Questions by Landlords

It’s always tricky to work out how much it should cost to hire a rental agent. Our fees are set at 8% of your rental income. By scaling our services to a percentage, we can offer a fair and reasonable fee, while still providing a comprehensive rental management service with extensive benefits for landlords.

That is easy, we help you fill in a cancellation form, we then deal directly with your existing company for you. We know that some landlords may feel a bit awkward cancelling their management so we manage the transfer from start to finish.

Yes absolutely, we would be more than happy to follow through with collection of arrears and termination of tenancy, where it may be required.

Yes, many do and some have purchased while they have been working for us, by employing property investors we have a team that really understand how important it is to get more money into the landlords’ pockets.

We send overseas investors photos at every 3 monthly inspection.

We do it all from conducting market rent appraisals, expertly managing tenants needs, overseeing maintenance requests and carrying out 3 monthly property management inspections and market-related rental appraisals

Our marketing techniques give us a wide array of tenants to choose from. Each tenant is required to fill in an application form, providing us details of their past letting history as well as identification. We undertake a number of checks on each tenant, including a credit check when necessary, a reference check of past rental history, and a check for prior tenancy tribunal history.

4 weeks, we believe this is important.

We check our properties by completing a market analysis every 6 months. We are able to increase the rent (if the market will allow) 12 months after starting a tenancy. We understand ensuring the rent is current is important for our owners so we take this very seriously.

We would recommend you talk to your property manager prior to placing your property on the market. The property manager can assist you with arrangements with your tenants regarding access for open homes, etc.

We do our inspections every 3 months, and we will also conduct an extra re-inspection if we believe the property is not up to a suitable standard.

Got a question not listed above? Contact us today for more information on our services and rental management fees.