If you are interested in one of our properties:Happy family

  • Book yourself in to view the home on our Viewing Tracker Page
  • Application Form
  • Fill out one application form for each occupant aged over 18 years.
  • Get a photocopy of your driver’s licence.

A few guidelines for you to be aware of as a tenant.

Rental Payments

All rental payments are to be in advance. To make it simple for you and us, we request that you set up an automatic payment with the reference we gave you.

Property Inspections

These will be done before you commence your tenancy, routinely at 3 month intervals and at the end of your tenancy. With the routine inspections we will contact you two weeks before the inspection, it is helpful if you are present when we perform our inspections however it is not necessary for you to be there if you have to work or other commitments. There may be items you need to point out to us, so if you are unable to be home for the inspection please leave us a note on the bench with the items you would like us to check while at the property.

Checklist for Cleaning

If you would like us to assist you cleaning, download our cleaning checklist. This will also be sent to you at the end of your stay.

Repairs & Maintenance

Generally it is your responsibility as a tenant to maintain the house and grounds in a good, clean condition, we pointed this out in our tenancy agreement.

Here is a list of things that you, as a tenant, are responsible for:

  • Replacing any blown light bulbs
  • Maintaining the gardens and lawns (unless otherwise specified in your rental agreement)
  • Blocked Drains – if the drain has blocked purely through negligence
  • Any damage caused during your tenancy
  • Ensuring all smoke alarms have working batteries & informing us if the alarms stop working at any stage during your tenancy.


Unless we have specified on your tenancy agreement that you are able to have a pet or pets, then you are NOT permitted to introduce any pets to your property. If you are unsure contact us before you get a pet, this could lead to huge disappointment otherwise.

Vacating Your Property

If you decide for any reason that you are going to leave, check your contract to see if you are on a fixed term tenancy or if your contract is periodic. Once again if you are unsure simply phone the office they can help you.

Here is a list of things that you, as a tenant, are responsible for:

  • If you are on a periodic tenancy, you will need to give us written notice, 28 days prior, of your intention to vacate.
  • The house must be left clean, including the stove, bathroom, cupboards etc. We have been quite specific in our tenancy agreement.
  • You must remove all personal possessions and all rubbish, this includes any garden waste that has accumulated during your tenancy.

Failure to leave the property in a good, clean, tidy condition at the end of your tenancy can result in deductions from your bond. We would prefer you receive your bond back in full so if you are unsure about the cleaning required when moving out please refer to our cleaning checklist (a copy for you to download is on this page under the Cleaning info) or call us for more information.