Mould and Dampness

It’s that time of year again… it’s getting colder, and with cold comes damp and mould! We have a Mould and Dampness letter that we send out to our tenants outlining some good information on how to prevent mould and dampness in the home.

A dry, well-aired home is easier to heat and healthier for you and your family.

Some tips from Tenancy Services include:

  • Open windows and doors whenever you can and open the curtains during the day.
  • Activities like cooking, bathing or drying clothes create moisture. To remove this from the house, open windows and use any extractor fans.

Other things you can do to prevent mould and damp are:

  • Keep lids on pots when cooking
  • Wipe condensation off walls and windows
  • Hang washing outside, and make sure everything’s dry before putting it away
  • Leave wardrobes a bit open and pull beds and furniture away from walls
  • Keep the shower curtain hanging inside the shower or bath so water doesn’t drip on the floor, and wash the curtain every few weeks
  • Use an electric heater rather than portable gas heaters (these release water as the gas burns)
  • Keep only a few plants inside
  • if you have a mattress on the floor, air the mattress every day by removing the covers and lifting the mattress onto its side.